Prem Biography

Prem Biography

Full Name : Prem Rana Autai

Play : Flute

Prem Rana "Autari" began experimenting with musical scales at the age of ten at family gatherings and religious festivals. At the age of 12, he went to India and began to pursue six years classical study of flute under the guidance of world renowned flutist, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. His first professional debut came when he was fifteen, with an orchestral ensemble in Bombay, Mecca of Indian Film Music. In course of his professional career as flutist; he traveled far and wide. Finally, Rana came back to his motherland , Nepal at the age of twenty to devote his life in the promotion of Nepali Music. After performing in Pokhara in Nepal, he arrived in Kathmandu and established his professional career as a musician at Radio Nepal  for nine years and at the Royal Nepal Academy for ten years

Prior to joining Sur-Sudha in 1987, Rana showcased his talents in many countries including Japan. England, Canada, Germany, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia representing  Nepal. He represented Nepal at the 1988 world's exposition in Australia as a soloist. So far, he have received a Certificate of Appreciation from Nova, Scotia, Canada, a Coronation Medal from His Majesty the king of Nepal and SAARC medal. His programme was also audience by HisRoyal Highness Prince Charles of England, President of Germany and His Majesty the King of Nepal.

History of Flute (Basuri)

The word bansuri originates in the Sanskrit bans [bamboo] + swar  [musical note]. There are two varieties of bansuri: transverse, and fipple. The fipple  flute is usually played in folk music and is held at the lips like a whistle. Because it enables superior control, variations and embellishments, the transverse variety is preferred in Indian classical music.

Pandit Pannalal Ghosh (1911–1960) elevated the Bansuri from a folk instrument to the stage of serious classical music. He experimented with the length, bore and number of holes, and found that longer length and larger bore allowed for better coverage of the lower octaves. He eventually pioneered longer bansuris with larger bores and a seventh hole placed a quarter turn inwards from the line of the other six finger holes.

Prem Biography

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